Financing Net Earth

Financing Net Earth is a boutique consultancy with deep expertise in finance and fiscal policy solutions for the trajectory to net zero carbon emissions.

Consulting Services

At Financing Net Earth, we design the investment vehicles to fund net zero by calibrating financial and fiscal tools to benefit our investors and the environment in building a low-carbon economy.

We work with private and public sector to design high-impact, climate-aligned sustainable investments.

Our bespoke services leverage across the public and private financial sectors to ensure coherence and impact on net-zero and sustainability.

Financing Net Earth provides a range of financial advisory and private equity fund management services including research, policy analysis, financial modelling, structuring and strategy execution.

Our consultancy delivers expert financial and fiscal solutions towards sustainable, climate aligned investments.

Financing Net Earth

Who we are

We are a social enterprise, committed to building a sustainable, resilient, and inclusive low carbon global economy.

What we do

We support organisations globally as they accelerate towards net zero by designing the investment vehicles to benefit our investors and the environment.

Why us

We deliver expert financial and fiscal solutions to capture climate investment opportunities. Contact us to find out how we can help build a low-carbon economy.

Roshelle Ramfol

founder and managing director

Constructing a sustainable pathway to net zero carbon emissions requires sound fiscal and financial reforms. Financing Net Earth (FNE) was founded in 2021 to fulfil this role by designing and implementing innovative climate finance models. 

Roshelle provides overall strategy to the advisory programmes and guides the company in its mission to transform lives by delivering impactful projects around the globe. She is a seasoned development professional. Prior to FNE, she provided consulting services and worked with many international agencies to develop energy transition policy for the extractives sector. Having an innate passion for the environment and the well-being of humanity, Financing Net Earth aims to be a global thought leader in the field of impact investing. 

Financing Net Earth
Financing Net Earth
Mokgele (CA)SA

Green finance and climate change policy expert for petroleum producing countries.



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Financing Net Earth
Kgalalelo Makamela (CA)SA

Green finance and carbon pricing expert for mining countries.



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Financing Net Earth
Virgil Nbellah

Green finance, energy transition fiscal design pathways and resilience expert.



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Financing Net Earth
Msiza (CA)SA

Green finance and electric mobility expert.

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Kebaabetswe Ramushwana CA(SA)

Green finance and small business sustainability finance expert. 


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Ruyaida Moosa Financing Net Earth
Moosa CA(SA)

Green finance and behavioural finance expert.


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Contact Us

We offer expert financial and fiscal solutions towards sustainable, climate aligned investments.

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